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My answers to the "50 Questions to Explore with a Potential Co-Founder"

Updated: Feb 28

A couple of days ago, I connected with a potential tech co-founder on Y Combinator's co-founder matchmaking platform. He participated in a YC-like incubator program here in London (Entrepreneur First), during which there were opportunities to find other founding team members. He was asked to fill out a 50-question questionnaire to probe himself and share and discuss it with any potential co-founder he'd like to form a team with. He kindly shared the form with me after a brief conversation. We both wanted to learn more about each other, so we decided to exchange the filled forms.

The answers to these questions reveal your values, maturity and motivations, and how you'd deal with potential interpersonal conflicts. I think it'd be useful to share my answers to these questions, so you will know how I operate and if I am the right person to partner with.

You can download and read my answers here:

Yichen - 50 Qs Potential Co-Founder
Download PDF • 231KB

Here is an article from Inc about the origin of the questionnaire, which links to the Entrepreneur First site where you can find the rationale behind its design, and a blank form that you can share with your potential business partners.

Happy co-founder dating!

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