The Kilimanjaro, Tokyo, The Iguazu Falls, The Machu Pichu, New Zealand, Rome, so many different and impressive places when we get to visit them for the first time. I always remember with gratitude the awakening to the world during my youth, traveling the world, to meet with people of different cultures, religions, historical backgrounds. That said, I am also aware and concerned about the indirect and long-term impact of the travel and tourism industry, the challenges that it has brought to some destinations including sustainability and intercultural issues.


The reason for me to accept the advisory position at Hearted, apart from the amazing founder team, is their vision of combining the power of social media and AI to position the users in the center of their unique journeys, connecting people (both the vendor and consumer groups) through exciting social and interactive media content, and their aspiration to support the new wave of conscious tourism and leisure planning.

I spent my career in the travel, hospitality management, and airline industry. I served senior-level management positions at well-established European travel companies and co-launched startups in the mobility and hospitality sectors. I am now mentoring individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations across industries, and NGOs.